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2002 How-Tos

1. Dash Gauge Pod Rehab
2. Tii Fuel Filter Upgrades
3. Console Rebuild
4. Intermittent Wipers
5. Simple Upgrades/Repairs
6. Rear Bumper Rehab
7. Recaro Seat Upgrades (2)
8. The radio
9. Tail Light Rehab
10. Radiator Upgrades
11. TII Fuel Pump Conversions

Reference Materials

Identifying a tii, Tech diagrams, BMW 2002 FAQs, Books on 2002s
1974 Euro 2002 Factory brochure
1976 USA 2002 Factory brochure

Your 2002tii

Comprehensive list of 2002tii web sites, owners cars in detail

02 Series Links

Links recommended for 2002 owners

2002 Artifacts

Original 2002 ads, Under the hood decals, Owners manual pages, window stickers

Cars First Drive

Driving the car for the first time, St. Patricks day 2001

The next pages are chronological in order of the car project's overall restoration.

December 2000

Finding the car

January 2001

Moving the car, initial discovery of vehicle condition

February 2001

1. Engine and interior cleaning, installed Crane electronic ignition.
2. Inside the Kugelfisher problems running on three cylinders

March 2001

1. New engine fan
2. Installing a new shift console
3. Finding a period correct radio
4. Working on the suspension

April 2001

1. Intermittent Wiper Upgrade for 74 2002s
2. Kansas City 2002 get together & events
3. Octoberfest German Car Show 2001 KC

May 2001

Traveling to California for Parts Sherman Martinez

June 2001

Installing a TII fuel pump, Curt Ingraham Radiator

July 2001

Simple things to make the car a daily driver

August 2001

Finding a rolling shell

September 2001

Bought a rolling shell for the project

October 2001

Komen Drive for the cure, Tii Exhaust and Tii Exhaust manifold identification

November 2001

Finishing and installing the OEM 2002tii exhaust system by Eberspacher

December 2001

State of the project, acquiring more parts, KC owners breakfast

January 2002

BMWs 2002 Advertising campaign

February 2002

02-02-02 Ice storm

March 2002

Stockpiling more parts, buying another donor car

April 2002

Starting to gut the car shell, first Arkansas Drive of True Friends

May 2002

Mid Atlantik 02 Fest in Carlisle 2002 miles in a 2002

June 2002

Start of the restoration project media blasting, removing floorboard insulation
Midwest 2002 Fest - Road Trip to South Bend Indiana at the Tire Rack, June 14th 2002.

July 2002

OFest 2002 travelers stop in Kansas City with Mike Self on their route to Colorado

August 2002

Getting the body shell ready for primer, moving the shell by trailer

September 2002

Euro Bumper Conversions for Square light cars

October 2002

Body shell in primer, body modifications for euro bumpers

November 2002

Last structural changes, removing the snorkel from the core support, sealing body seams

December 2002

1. Painted doors, modifying the transmission tunnel for 5 speed conversions
2. Moving the project, plated parts
3. Painted hood and deck lid

January 2003

Final tweaking of the body prior to paint

February 2003

Finally painted, moving day to the shop for the start of rebuilding

March 2003

1. New parts, installing FatMat sound deadener on the floorboards
2. Installing Euro front bumper mounts
3. California trip Bay area Pick-N-Pulls
4. California trip -  2002 Haus visit

April 2003

Moving again, rusty front and rear sub frame assemblies, 2002 door brakes

May 2003

1. Rebuilding your doors
2. Rebuilding your doors
3. Door trim, installing the TII hard metal fuel line

June 2003

1. Restoring the 2002tii wiring harness
2. Frozen rear hubs, preserving the TII fuel canister and mounting bracket

July 2003

1. Traveling for the MGB in Idaho road trip
2. 2002 CV Joint Rehabilitation
3. Rebuilding your 02s pedal box

August 2003

1. Gas tank restoration
2. Rebuilding the rear sub frames, differential installation

September 2003

1. New rear brake setups from 320i
2. Engine block disassembly steps

October 2003

Wiring harness re-installation, fuel lines inside the body, firewall blanket

November 2003

Installing the rear sub frame and differential assembly on the body

December 2003

1. Front sub frame installation, steering column lock remove/install
2. Front struts, springs, shocks, lower control arms, tii backing plates

January 2004

Front wheel bearing installation with 77 E21 hubs, center track rod and tie rod ends

February 2004

1. Cylinder head rebuilding
2. Cylinder head finishing
3. Front sub frame and brake rotor installation
4. Installing the big brake setup on a 2002tii

March 2004

1. 15 wheels, heater box disassembly and rehab
2. Spring 2004 Arkansas True Friends Drive

April 2004

Putting the car on all 4 wheels, Scheel seat installation, engine short block pre-prep

May 2004

1. Wheel studs & spacers, cleanup of the Getrag 245 transmission, Euro headlights, rear brake drum installation, sloppy e-brake handle improvements
2. Engine short block re-assembly
3. Mid America 02 Fest 2004 Stella takes a trailer ride

June 2004

1. Front strut bearing setup and lubrication
2. Outside the heater box
3. 74tii clock disassembly and repair

July 2004

1. Gas tank permanence
2. Sun roof drain tubes
3. True Friends Hot Springs Arkansas Drive

August 2004

Rear sunroof drain tubes

September 2004

1. Installing the cylinder head
2. General installation fuel tank, tii water tube, half shafts, rear trunk seal

December 2004

Year in review, engine reassembly, starter, alternator, plated parts, rear trunk opener

Spring 2005

1. Restoring metal parts
2. Sunroof assembly pre-preparation
3. Tii exhaust heat shield, wiring harness to the ignition, gas tank fuel lines

Summer 2005

1. Keyless Entry/Alarm System
2. Upholstery
3. Radio and Speakers
4. Major Electrical
5. Sun roof
6. Hood
7. Trunk
8. Doors
9. Headliner
10. Glass
11. Carpeting
12. tii Engine assembly
13. Transmission Installation
14. Body/exterior final trim
15. Rear Bumper
16. TII Fuel pump
17. 2002tii Hoses reference
18. Final engine installation


December 2005

Where are we now nearing completion.

January 2006 Interior door panels, arm rests, back seat, ignition, alternator, Euro bumper light wiring,
March 2006 Rear mounted battery, dash rehab with SEM dye, door lock hardware, heater box hoses, engine installation and ignition wiring diagrams.
April 2006 Engine starts for the first time, mmm mmm Gates BBQ!, Glass installation front and rear, E30 M3 Mirror with halogen lights, Stereo and console, Hirschmann red tip antenna
Spring 2006 Part 1: Driving the car the first time, E3 Big Brake challenges,
Part 2: trim install, new trunk panels, rocker moulding trim and gaskets, visiting car shows.

July 2006

Traveling to Road America

December 2006

Three part wrap up on the first year of ownership
Part 3: problems relating to new 2002 SR71X starters.




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