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                                         This site was last updated on January 2018

This site is about the restoration of "Stella", a US model 1974 BMW 2002tii, the last year of US 2002tii
production.   We are proud to say we have something Jay Leno drives and collects too.
We hope you find information here relevant to your interest in these cars, and car restoration.

• POPULARITY FACTOR:  Now over 3 million visitors since we started this site!
  Thank you! We have become one of the most popular BMW 2002 sites on the Internet!

The Table of Contents  covers a work spanning six years work on 2002s'. 
That's where to start your search for many tips, approaches and details on these cars.

• Produced from 1972-1974, BMW 2002Tii’s are very rare these days. Compared to other collectible cars the
   2002tii's in number are one half total Shelby Mustang production and one fourth the 1967-1969 Z/28 Camaro's.

SO WHAT IS A BMW 2002tii?
• The 2002 was the evolutionary 2 door sport sedan, built from 1968-1976 by BMW
• BMW 2002's are the grandfather to the now famous BMW 3 series cars that followed it
• A '2002' signifies 2.0 liter engine, 2 doors. The "TII" signifies "touring, international, injected"
• The hi-performance, fuel injected 2002tii is the great grandfather to the BMW M3, starting in 1988.

Once you have driven a BMW 2002, you'll know why it is

• So why own a 2002tii?  Well, you would only have to drive one a few miles of road to know why this is the car
   that put BMW on the map in the USA and truly became known as the first "cult car". Sensational handling,
   great fuel injected engine, designed to cruise at 100+ mph and 6,000 RPM for hours on end, and even
   30+mpg driving when you maintain USA highway speeds.  They were quite coveted when new, and actually
   created the motivation, interest and cult behavior that started the BMW Car Club of America in the 60s.
• Still curious? click to watch a short video clip about buying a BMW 2002.

  Hurry - the secret is getting out on the BMW 2002tii and there won't be enough to go around!

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