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Kansas City BMW 2002 Owners

Recent Events We've Been To:
OCT'02: German Car Club - Annual Oktoberfest Charity Event

Here's fellow KC members bound for Wichita for the Lake Afton Car Show in 2001.
November 2001 - Showing off at breakfast.

This showcase is here to prove that there are many excellent 2002s in the KC area.

We maintain an E-Group on Yahoo! for local communications. If you would like
to join, please follow this link:

You can also find out about our annual get-together, the Mid-America 2002 Fest. For more
information, you can go to our Fest Website at http://www.midamerica02fest.com for the
latest information.

When all else fails, just send me an email !

Owner's and Their Cars Outings We've Been On
Bob Dye's 1974 2002tii Lake Afton Car Show - June 2001
Bruce Wendlandt's 1976 2002 Crown Center Foreign Car Show 2001
Steve Good's 1973 2002 (Crazy Car) July 2001 Picnic at Steve's
Dave Wilson's Mintgrun (Mint Green) 1976 2002  November 2002 Breakfast



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