Bruce Wendlandt's 1976 2002

This car has been owned by Bruce for over 8 years... a work in progress

 1976 - the last year of production 2002s - photos courtesy of Bruce
Bruce is using Bosch H4's and Hellas to find his way at night. Front end features polyurethane bushings, sway bars, Bilstien shocks and adjustable camber plates.

Side view shows how the car sits. 15" tires all around.
Sunroof open at sunset. Bruce states that the car has been waxed only 3 times in eight years. The body is rust free and has been for that period of time.
Rear view showing the Ansa exhaust system. It's a center exit for two tail pipes.
View of the rear shows the Ansa muffler and the headrests of the Flowfit seats.
Passenger side view shows how nice the body really is. The car is in a condition far better than it left the factory for sure.
That right rear quarter view at sunset.
More pictures to come of Bruce's awesome 76. 

This is one of the nicest 2002's I've ever taken a cruise in. The suspension tricks on this car are unbelievable.  

Ansa exhaust makes a center exit and a sweet sound.

Engine department shows the Weber 45's, tower braces with engine brace,  adjustable camber.
Close up showing the jet coated header, oil cooler and the massive 45 DCOEs. You can hear these babies when you put your foot into it!

The tires are Yokohama AVS on O.Z. Monte Carlo wheels. Unfortunately, these wheels are are hard to come by. If you have one, Bruce needs a 5th for a spare tire!

A nice shot of the Weber 45s, showing the radiator upgrade and the performance air cleaner by itg. This also shows a shot of the shock tower brace with the integrated engine stabilizer. It really saves on motor mounts.

The engine has been converted to electronic fan cooling instead of beating up the water pump for that.

The inside with the Flofit seats, Schroth 5 point harness, Momo steering wheel. The door panels and carpet is all stock original for 76. 

Bruce does have an AC console but no air conditioner. That's what the Weber 45s are for when the windows are rolled down!




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