Dave Wilson's 1976 2002

Dave's Car has completed it's restoration in July 2001, just in time to go to the Kansas City BMW Club's July Driving School: "Surface Of The Sun". I stopped by to help him bolt down the last few items shown here a couple of nights before Driving School was to happen. Photos by me this time!
You don't see the hood totally off an '02 very often... Here it is about 4 hours before the hood was on.
You can just barely see Dave in the back seat getting the rear windshield sealed up.
For the track, Dave's using 195/45/14 Toyo tires mounted on Silver steel Jetta rims.
View of the engine being used. The engine has a Metric Mechanic head and Shrick Cam.
The interior was redone locally. The Recaros were redone to match recovered door panels.
Note the map pockets - and the mock stitching in the original door panels is now real thread.
The back seat was redone with new padding and pattern to match the Recaros.
The carpet was made with more contemporary materials using a pattern from the
original "pieced" carpet set from the pre 74 cars. Matching floor mats too.
Close-up of the carpet details showing the pedal box cover and kick pads in this car.
Rear view of the car. Reflection in the tail lights is from the camera's flash.
 1976 - MINTGRUN - photos courtesy of Dave...These are the before and after paint shots. If you've never seen the color Mintgrun up close, it's really close to that old Kawasaki motorcycle green. This is a fairly rare color for a 2002.
Now with fresh paint curing (May 2001).




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