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Rare and Unique German 2002s

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The following photos were provided by my good friend, Dirk Schroeder in Windeck, Germany. Dirk's a fine fellow of the '02 faith - and his son has learned what car to drive when he's ready to go... Dirk's website can be found here:
Dirk's son has grown up around his father's Mintgrun 2002.
Dirk's car features the rare Alpina steel wheels.
The engine compartment of a fully restored 1600ti.
A Neu Klasse 2000.
One sweetly restored interior - ever seen one of these up close?
A new euro 5 series style of setup on the 4 headlight configuration - can you say, Fabrication!
An M2 powered machine... very radical with E30 style headlamps.
Slobber, slobber, drool, drool... the really rare Alpina slide throttle injection system.
An Alpina A4S with the snorkel Air intake setup. Rare as Hen's teeth, plastic or aluminum.
Some sweet Alpina race cars built for the "Youngtimer" racing, the German equal to Historics in the USA.
An Alpina 2002ti Touring setup. Somebody has really outdone themselves for sure.
You've rarely seen something like this in front of you.
Hmm, a square light trailer being pulled by a roundie in a parade with those Alpine horns!!!



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