More Rare and Unique German 2002s

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The following photos were provided by my good friend, Dirk Schroeder in Windeck, Germany.
2002 Baur Cabrio with updated core support and square lights on the rear.
Jagermeister, anyone?
Alpina style side draft air box.
Another Alpina styled car with BWA wheels. Interesting NERF bar on the front
A sweet Malaga 1502, identified by a lack of waist line trim.
A 2 headlight E21 indicate a 316 or 318 if memory serves me right. Ithink it makes the car more like an '02.
Nice clean engine compartment.
A nice 2002 or 1502 (no waistline trim) with Alpina spoiler and wheels. Those wheel flares look perfect for the wheels.
Well, another mintgrun 1502 next to a white turbo. Very clean cars!
The 2000cs coupe. Note the mirrors on the fenders.
Another nicely done car 2002 with turbo flares.
More side draft setups with oil cooler on the firewall.
Another early 68-70 era 2002 with some rare BBS 3 piece wheels.
Very nice wheel flares on this car, along with lowering springs and roll bar. Very sweet car.



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