Lake Afton Car Show - Wichita Kansas

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People did stop and ask questions of the cars several times at roadside parks and at the show... "what year is that" or "I owned a 1600 once.." 
Bob Dye's 1974tii made the haul and was the only square taillight car in the show.
Steve Good's 73 2002 sporting a new Metric Mechanic engine had some radiator troubles. In the 90+ degree heat, Steve had the heater on to keep the engine cooler. Of course his trip to the gym wasn't necessary since he nearly sweat to death!!
Bill Venable's a definate 2002 distance traveler - his green 73 2002tii that goes everywhere made it without even breaking a sweat. Bob drives his TII everywhere including his recent trophy for driving the farthest to the Mid-Atlantik 02 Fest II in West Virginia in April.
Stella, my 74tii had fuel pump problems and wasn't going anywhere, so we drove our 91 318is, which happened to be the only E30 in the whole show. We had great hosts -- our Wichita BMWCCA chapter had a sun awning and a golf cart which was necessary to see the whole show - the largest outdoor car show this year in USA.
Sweet lines for sure. The only 2002s that showed up!
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