Steve Good's 1973 2002

 Color: Baikal
Steve recently moved to Kansas City from Pennsylvania. We now call him one of the "KC 2002 fraternity brothers".

This car was picked up at an auto sale in Carlisle, PA, where Steve is originally from. 

Steve has also restored some Bavarias before. This 2002 was the fourth 2 door Bimmer he's worked on.
The car is really straight and without rust. The lines are very true and the chrome is perfect all around the car. 

The car is currently in storage waiting for his new house to be done.

The inside was upgraded with Recaro seats from a 320i donor car from the past. Momo steering wheel rounds out the driver comforts.

The 320i also gave up a 5 speed Getrag transmission to this car. Steve learned a lot from this tranny upgrade - a lot of new cuss words that is! 
A closer look at the beautiful Baikal paint color and the "minilite" look alike wheels.
This engine will soon give way to a Metric Mechanic setup that Steve just purchased, part of the summer upgrade plans for the car.

We'll have more photos of the car later this summer.




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