August 2001: Finding Stella a Donor 2002 Body

If you've read this far, it's easy to tell that Stella's body is really not the kind of 2002 you want to put a bunch of bucks in swapping out fenders and giving it a repaint. No, her beauty is in her soul, not in her skin!  She looks pretty good at 50' away, but up close, you know there's a bunch-o- body cancer there. And under the trunk lid, well the shock towers are gone down pretty deep. I honestly didn't expect to really dump a bunch of money into new steel. At this point, it's best to start over. It's not like I'm going to sell this thing in six months... I'm in this for the long haul.  If it weren't for the total lack of reusable floor pan steel and perforated front frame rails, I might be ready to weld it back. But seriously, this would be a lot of work, money and hacking.

ABOVE: She's got the kind of  Rear Fender where you don't get on your knees to see the Bilstiens!

ABOVE:    Rusty and crusty... does your car look this bad?
I previously looked at the possibility of getting another tub from California. A tub was like $500, but the killer was the $750-$900 to haul it back. A fellow KC 2002 team member Bruce had another 74 2002 he got that was from Colorado Springs that was truly rust free. Hell compared to Stella it was clean enough to eat off frame rails. It's been gutted already because he used the majority of the mechanicals to rebuild his 76. Well, he and I worked out a great deal and I landed this 74 sunroof tub that will be the new shell for Stella to live out the 21st century in.
  ABOVE:  Stella's transplant partner, Brownie from Colorado.



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