November 2001 - Finishing the TII exhaust system

Last month I covered the front half of the job -- here's the rest.

The TII Muffler. The 2002tii muffler is oval rather than round like the standard 02 and is a free flowing setup made for BMW by Eberspacher GmbH in Germany. This is how they look as they come from Mobile Tradition.
This is the part number that you need to ask for when purchasing the muffler.

Again, like the other components from last month, I covered all parts with 1200 degree Hi-Temp Ceramic exhaust paint.

This is the resonator that fits between the downpipe from the header and the muffler itself. Again, more hi-temp ceramic paint.
Simple installation: You can do this whole job from down pipe to tailpipe in about an hour by yourself. There are really only 5 nuts and bolts to deal with - three at the front of the resonator/down pipe connection, and the u-bolt shown here in the lower left of the photo. There are two sets of rubber hangers that hold the muffler to the body which you don't see here which are the hardest to put in.
You want to snug up the u-bolt, then position the tailpipe as shown here, then tighten the u-bolt nuts securely to finish the job. The tailpipe extension piece on the end finishes the job -- it must be hammered onto the end tightly to prevent it from coming off (ask me how I know).
The finished system is quiet when it idles, much louder when you bring the revs up. Because it's quieter, I now hear the other stuff that's not fixed yet that is making noise :(



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