September 2001: Stella 2.0 begins

Updated on Tuesday January 30, 2007

Stella's tub awaits prep and strip work. When I see this picture, I think that I have all my winter car work cut out for me. I have two 2002 Fests to go to this month (Mid-America 2002 Fest and 2002 Fest West) and I have probably 30 days of good driving left before Fall makes it uncomfortable to drive a car with little steel left under the driver's right foot. I noticed the other day that the two steel posts that hold the gas pedal on continue to make their decent towards the asphalt the more I put my foot into it.   I'm convinced the fest visits will help me decide how to approach painting the car, what color to paint it, and what else I should do before it gets painted.

ABOVE: She's trailer ride to a temporary home to get stripped down completely for painting and undercoating.

ABOVE:  On the donor shell, the clear coat is just starting to come off. Any rust is very minor surface rust.

  ABOVE:  Stella ponders a future which contains parting out some of the old tub so others may live on.



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