October 2001 - Charity Work, Exhaust Work

Recently did BMW Drive For The Cure. If you get the chance to do this in your area - do it. I drove 12 cars before it was all done. It was on a 12 mile course around town. My favorite, shown here, was the Z3 3.0 Coupe. I think it's destined for a place in history like the 2002 some day in the future.
The Old and The New: Baron BMW, the local BMW dealership sponsored the event. They made sure we had places right in front to showcase the cars, both new and old, of club members. Many, many of the drivers (I heard over 200) were not BMWCCA members. Of course the guys in ties asking to drive the 7's were a dead give away. Stella shown in the foreground here, Bruce's 76 on the back row. That's an awesome M6 next to Stella.
Exhaust troubles... My trip to Mid-America 02 Fest was the first 500 mile trip for the old girl in some time. Seems it worked the exhaust studs loose and oil was blowing down the side of the engine - not out the tailpipe thank goodness. However, it was getting loud. When I discovered the real trouble, my son said I was throwing flames out from under the car on downshift! When I got home, I discovered exhaust manifold studs missing, loose, and nuts gone on the head . It was inevitable - the exhaust system is the only thing I haven't given serious consideration to in the whole project so far.

SIDE VIEW: So, what you see here is the side view of the TII manifold and the down pipe after I installed new down pipe studs and painted it with Hi-Temp Ceramic exhaust paint.

Top View of TII manifold and down pipe.
Back View. You don't see this view usually.
Bottom view - you can see now why it works so well - it looks like a header.
Head View: New sets of studs installed with Red Loctite. If you haven't noticed before, there are oil passages behind these studs and when they are loose or missing, oil makes its way out of the block and onto the manifold, side of the block, under side of the car and onto the pavement below. Fix this before it becomes trouble - it's about a days worth of work and about $30 worth of parts.
ALL DONE: It's come a long way, and it's finally worth showing off.
Do You Have a TII Manifold?  This view shows a standard manifold and a TII manifold side by side. You can see the differences easily when you compare them together. The most obvious difference is the size of the runner coming from cylinder #1 as noted here. It's bigger than the non-TII version.
Back View. Also you can see the size of the ports are much bigger on the TII manifold.



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