Headliner Installation

Last Updated on 01/30/2007

I rolled the car outside my shop for the first time in many months. It looked great even though it's missing some doors. It was ready to see the outside world.

My tow driver Tony came over with the flat bed and we loaded the ol' girl up on his truck for an across town trip for the headliner install.
In the daylight again after May of 2004, she looked more like a car than ever.
So we rolled her off and went over the instructions to Turner Upholstery in Overland Park, Kansas. Here she would stay for another week while work began on the headliner.
A few days later I came back to look at the progress. Here is the rear view from the passenger side.
View from the back seat looking forward. At this point, all the foam has been applied to the roof and the material has been stretched and glued.
The excess awaits trimming and stretching into place.
Front of the hood view. Note there is no sunroof hole yet.
This is the cover to the sliding roof. It's fabric is a separate part number to the headliner. It is a raw piece which must be cut and sewn and glued over the metal frame provided with the original roof. Note the old one I had as the example in the background.
Hard to tell, but this is the side that faces the seats... you look up at it.
The corners are cut. A piece of black material (not part of the headliner kit) has to be cut and stretched over some 1/4" foam that follows the shape of the A pillar.
Then a few days later, they finished. The dome light hole has been cut also.
Front view showing the sunroof cavity.
View from drivers side looking forward. Note the two red wires hanging down in front of the sunroof crank recess. These are the new harness wiring for the E30 M3 mirror I have with halogen map lights.
Nice and snug fit.
A view of the sunroof cavity from below. Shows the rear sun roof seal very well.
And the view above... it awaits the sunroof hardware to be reinstalled now.
Rear view of the finished headliner.
And she waits now for the flat bed ride back to my shop!



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