February 2001  - Last Updated on January 02, 2011

More February notes and pictures here.

BELOW: The tii distributor no longer has points. They have been replaced by a Crane Fireball XR700 unit during this basic system upgrade. The stock Bosch Red Coil has been retained (to the left of the black XR700 unit). The bright red plug wires are Accel adapted to the M10 engine. The MSD 6AL provides increased spark to the XR700, and also gives you a programmable rev limiter to prevent damaging valve float on the old girl. The wires are not really organized yet as you can tell. Just making sure everything works first. Note the washer pump next to the bottle is still quite crusty from age and rust. 
BELOW: Installed new blue factory brake hoses. Several brake master cylinder parts were replaced due to age. A ton of crud was also removed. 
Here's a series of photos that show the engine cleanup and new "tii" water pump. If you need one, give Paul at Maxmillian Importing a call. The throttle body has been hot tanked, cleaned and polished to remove all burrs.

In the garage
Been on the phone ordering lots of parts this month from Bimmer Parts, Maximillian Importing and Bavarian Autosport.
Just about ready to start the dirty work. Yes, that's a Lotus Esprit Turbo in the background, but it's not mine... just sharing space!
Here's a before and after for you. The shot on the left was prior to moving, complete with a few years of mold growing on it.
On the right, the dash is now cleaned and soaking up Armor All (two gulps) in hopes of not cracking in half. Added the MoMo steering wheel I had left over from a 944 Porsche. It's waiting on a new Roundel for the horn button.
The console will be gone before you know it with a new one, and some other new stuff. The seats? Have any nice Recaros for sale?

Thanks go to Nick for the new  photos!



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