May 2004 - Brakes, Lights & Trans Clean-Up

There are 3 parts to May - you are on part 1

2) M10 Engine short block assembly
3) Mid-America 2002 Fest 2004, Hermann Missouri

May was a great month. There was a way to step back and look at what I've accomplished so far and really feel good that the project will be completed this summer.  I was lucky to have Rob Torres come and pay a visit and go over my work on his way to the Fest in Hermann. To determine where I was wrong and right in the reassembly, he went over everything. As I suspected I had quite a few problems, but nothing serious. Considering there is no book on how to do a project like this in its entirety, I felt good about that.  Rob finished the brake and hydraulic systems himself and began assembly of the engine short block. In the end, we had a great time in Hermann, all of us. It was the most productive time I have had to date on the car.

BIG BRAKES AND WHEEL SPACING: Below is a problem you may encounter with big brakes. The longer studs shown are needed to clear a spacer I put in of 5MM to make my wheels miss the 5 series calipers. Note the before/after photo here shows the difference. You need the stud to extend past the wheel at least 1/2" to be safe. Find them at Ireland Engineering and they include new lug nuts as well. Highly recommended, and remember to use Loctite!

The front brakes and hubs are finally permanently done and the new steel and braided stainless flex lines are connected. The TII script on the caliper was my wild idea. Painting the hub portion of the rotor black eliminates the idea of rust in the future. Next time I will use the new plated Brembo rotors which are now available.
Here is how it looks when finished. These are H&R 5mm spacers.
Here is a view of the steel brake lines before we attached them. They are no fun to install!!
The overdrive 5 speed was a greasy mess. I started cleaning it. Nick finished it for me, using elbow grease and Castrol Super Clean concentrate. It looks great now! I have included these photos so you can view how at Getrag 245 overdrive 5 speed from the E21 3 series looks if you are considering upgrade. This view shows the need to add clearance to the transmission tunnel due to the clutch hydraulics used.
View of the right side. The plate attached to the bottom of the transmission is not needed in the 2002 setup. In a boneyard, this setup will look like this after it's pulled from the car.
Top view
Close up of the rear section. It's a 3 bolt unit here, which is preferred as stronger than the other models. The arm on top is the portion that changes gears for you.
Right hand side. The extra added section on the back of the unit shows the location of the 5th gear sets for overdrive.
Front view, shown with all items removed.
HEADLIGHTS: This unit on the left is the Euro Hella OEM version for a 74 and later 2002 and the right is the USA stock bracket with Bosch H4 bulb and lens. Earlier cars had a grey ring to match the chrome grill.
On the back there is a big difference. Three wires vs 2 on the Euro unit. Special bulbs are needed, but are inexepensive. The Euro unit has a second bulb in each known as city lights - note the hole above the Euro lens mounting plate. I will adapt these to be switched on as a safety feature like new cars in an upcoming month's articles.
These lights when installed extend past the plastic grills. See a shot of a 2002 Turbo to show what I mean...
Here they are installed.
The brake booster has all the linkage established and painted. I used POR-15 suspension paint which is semi-gloss and sprayed it on with a PREVAL spray unit. These are disposable spray units available from paint supply stores.
REAR 250MM DRUM BRAKES: I made some photos here while Rob installed them since he was the expert. Note the locations of copper anti-seize paste - the shoes will rub here and this blob helps that.
All installed. Top view - note that you will be needing 2002 Turbo rear e-brake cables to make this setup from the E21 3 series work - they are longer.
Paul Cain makes an excellent upgrade for your e-brake handle. It removes the slop from side to side by adding a precision roller bearings, washers and strong bolt to replace BMW's parts. It is highly recommended and fits other BMW models of similar design and need.
Close up view
Top view
Bottom view.
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