Exterior Completion Steps

Color sanding is the process where you remove the variations in the surface of the paint/clear coat in order to make a seamlessly shiny finish.  Orange peel is what makes the finish look blurred instead of shiny when the paint is dry. In order to color sand, you need 1500 and 2000 Wet or Dry sand paper, a sponge, warm water with Ivory soap and a lot of time on your hands.  The results are pretty startling
The work on these 4 photos represents about 5 hours of work.  You work panel by panel.
You sand, squeegee of and look, and sand again. The area that is not pasty white - those areas that look dark - are the areas that need more work.
With a foam applicator and a Porter Cable polisher, you work compound then swirl mark remover in until it's a nice shiny reflection.
When you're done, you use a good wax such as Griot's Carnuba Wax to really make the color look perfect.
The first piece of trim went on - between the tail lights... along with the tail lights. It's starting to look like a BMW 2002tii now.
I'm working on the bumpers now to get them ready to bolt on.
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