Trunk Installation and finishing steps

There are two rubber pieces (the two to the left here) which absorb the "thunk" when you close your trunk. These are new but they don't make 'em like they used to. The require careful trimming to remove the flash around the "plug" part which fits into a hole on the trunk's edge closest to each tail light.
Here's one of these trunk holes (arrow). Make sure you put some silicon lube in the hole and on the rubber part so it slips in easy.  It's not easy to get in for sure!
Next we started the color sanding of the paint. Here 1200 grit paper is used for wet sanding to remove the orange peel or the high and lows of the paint so the surface is perfectly flat.
Next a squeegee removes excess water to reveal how the progress is coming. Repeat this process a lot!
Lots of soapy water and white dust invariably end up all over the place.
We repeat the process several times until the clear coat is nice and smooth.
Once you have it looking nice and smooth...
Out comes the cotton wheel and the quick cut glaze. The mirror shine starts to peek through.
After some 3M swirl mark remover, it's finally complete. I don't think it was this flat and smooth in the beginning...
The sign of a good shine, you can read the dollar bill reflection all the way through!!!



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