January 2001 - The Project Begins

Work In January got the car out of the warehouse and into the garage.
LEFT: The car finally made it out to daylight for the first time in many years this month -- quietly, on the back of a tow truck.
Well, time has marched on and this little fellow hasn't seen much of the light of day. It finally made it out into the real world this week.

After studying the records, it appears that this 1974 2002tii was purchased new at a BMW/Jaguar dealer in Ohio in late 1974. The original color was Granitrot Metallic, a rather light red metallic color which was eventually painted over at some point.  About 95% of the original car is still intact since it was first purchased as Christmas present for some lucky family over 26 years ago. 

If you fast forward to December 2000, where I found it through it's current owner, in an old warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. An interesting place for a 2002 to serve a prison term, somewhat forgotten in the dusty, damp and dark confines of an expired General Motors auto assembly plant for the better part of the last 10 years.

LEFT: Inspection of the head shows things are better than expected. Valve train wear is minimal... has the head been rebuilt?
RIGHT: Throttle body looks rather gummed up, but nothing that some hot tanking and a polishing wheel won't cure.
As it was found... dusty, dirty and four nearly flat tires. Mold was growing all over the interior and under the car in some places.
All in all, it looks a whole lot better once we washed the mud off and saw it under better lights!





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