October 2002 - Making progress slowly but surely

During October the stripped steel body was made ready to accept primer and paint.
Rolled it out into the sun so we could see the results... which are turning out great.
The car has been metal prep treated. This is what lies beneath the primer before paint.
View of the trunk area.
Floor pans looking good. Going to close up the floor drains forever very soon!
Under dash area now looks better than the factory work did.  The nose is off finally.
These ugly babies are the steel used for the big bumper in the front. They show up when you take the nose off. The lower steel portion represents the pre-74 bumper day frame rails.
This is the passenger side, what shows beneath the fender well area. Note the holes for the older style bumper brackets - they are welded shut at the factory. These must be reopened prior to installing the nose so that the new '72 style bumper brackets will bolt up.
Nose: Before (bottom) and the new nose on the top - with the euro style bumper holes.
Firewall area view showing the underside.
All the back holes are closed up now for use with the Euro style bumpers.
Ahh, the fender wells are looking mighty clean. From the bad design of the factory sun roof drains, you must reroute and close these before final prime and paint.



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