March 2003: Assembly begins on the car...

March in four parts: This is Part I / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Luck has come my way recently...
A fellow Missouri '02 owner RonR devised this great battery brace system from stainless steel for his car.
His fabricator is rebuilding a 2002 himself so we were able to help each other out with parts.
I In February I was able to locate a new-old-stock PL-04 Kugelfisher pump for my engine. A rare site indeed.
I've begun to sound proof the car with FatMat. This is a hi-tech way to kill unwanted noise in your car over
the original stuff. Born from the car audio business, this stuff (and others like DynaMat) come a long way to
making long drives enjoyable on your ears too.  This is the drivers side floor plan prior to application.
You need scissors to cut big pieces, a pen to mark where to cut and a utility knife or razor blade for small
areas the material will need to roll into.
This is like contact paper, very easy to apply.
You go in sections, covering each area twice when possible. I have two 50 sq ft rolls of this material which
was about $100 plus shipping. It's heavy stuff.
This photo shows the driver side compartment nearly completed. Make sure and roll out all the places air
can hide to ensure the full effect of the dampering materials under the aluminum foil wrapper.
Their web site is and are good folks to do business with.
March in four parts: This is Part I / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4



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