January 2006 - Monthly Progress Report

Unseasonably warm weather has resulted in making some progress on the car that isn't normally possible around these parts because of the cold.

Here's a before and after sequence on the engine. Hit refresh on your browser to see it again.

I picked up all the finished upholstery. Of course, I had to try some of the pieces out to see how they look and fit.

The door handles were dyed to match the leather color. After I had these done, I found a set of new old stock ones, so I will keep these as spares.
The back seat is just setting in there, but it feels really good. Something tells me I won't spend a lot of time there.  Its odd but the armrests show a different color to the camera, but in real life they look exactly the same color. SEM dye was used to change them and the other door handles.
Front view looking back.  These blue seats are starting to look pretty strange. I'll put the front seats in after the carpet gets put down. Don't know when that will be just yet.
This side shows the door panels front and rear.  I have to decide if I want to keep the B pillars black (done at the headliner install shop) or make them tan. The seat belts normally cover them up anyhow.
Decisions, decisions.  On your project, don't be afraid to change your mind once you see it bolted in place!
Put the fan belt on to see if the fit is correct.  My old alternator had a hard time making up all the slack. That is because the bushings were shot on the bracket from the timing cover to the alternator.
I didn't mention it before, but the alternator has to be removed to install it into the car.  When you put it in, you have to remove the fan and pulleys on the front and it's easiest to install it from under the car. You put the parts back on after it's on the mounts.  Note in this photo you can see how close the blades come to the fuel line.  My car cut that line once with the alternator and immediately I smelled the gas.  That was a scary repair in a convenience store parking lot.  I'm trying to devise a cover for this so that doesn't happen down the road. There are tabs down there I think I can work with, or the frame rail itself.
I put this in the car 5 years ago when we got it running.  It's still fine. I needed a better location for it.
I ended up mounting it under the coil. I put all new wiring ends on. I still have to buy a Ballast Resistor for the new Bosch Red coil rated at 1.8 ohms.
A critcal note I will dupe over on the bumpers page - you have to extend the wiring harness to make the euro bumper lights work.  I drilled a hole adjacent to the passenger side bumper mounts first.
Built a new positive line (they ground into the bumper electrically) that attaches to the old + line from inside the trunk. I used a rubber weather tight o-ring seal here.
I snaked the wire through the hole the bumper bolts are accessed with. This is a new hole.  Note the silica still finding its way out of the body cavities !!!
It came up through another nearby original factory hole and was connected to the harness.
I CAN SEE !!!   More to come....



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