December 2004 - Year End Wrap Up


  1. In March the car was running again and I drove the car approximately 14 months after 5 years stored with 4 flat tires.  It was not a car ready for the 21st Century!
  2. From 2001-2003 I collected enough spare parts to completely rebuild the car from the ground up.
  3. In the summer of 2002 I began disassembling the car for complete rust removal of the body and chassis components prior to paint.  The car was blasted clean and primed.
  4. After 4 months of welding, reassembly and 2 gallons of paint, I moved the car and all the parts together in a 40'x40' work area away from my home.
  5. Since April of 2003, the car's reassembly has been underway and documented on these pages while rebuilding it piece by piece, bolt by bolt.
  6. The quest for knowledge and critical information about these cars that is still being gathered, compiled and absorbed by my brain on a daily basis it seems.
  7. Upholstery has been chosen and is being custom made from tan leather hides for the door panels, front Scheel-Mann seats and stock rear seat. Custom carpet will be made to compliment and enhance the look of the custom seating.
  8. The engine is ready to be installed into the car. The transmission is finished waiting for the engine installation. This requires help from my buddy Steve to install!
  9. 2005 will be the year the car is completed. THERE, I SAID IT - NO TIME TO WASTE!
So where has this project been the past 3 months? Due to a lot of time spent at my regular job at the end of the year, Stella has pretty much been on life support the last 3 months. This year seemed to be worst than in past years for lots of reasons, so I thought it best to bring you up to date on what did happen and where I'm headed in 2005 - to finish this project and start enjoying ownership again!
After peeling back the plastic, these photos were taken. The engine compartment has had the radiator fitted recently. This is a Silicon Garage E21 radiator custom built by Curtis Ingraham and documented on the site a few years back. It was recently hot tanked and painted black.
On the inside, not much visible to show you here, but the wiring harness has been worked over. I have replaced many worn out ends with new ones, soldered on. I have tagged the harness with labels under the dash for future reference.
The deck lid is on and closes down in a wonderful thud. New gaskets and lock mechanism make this a completed step.
The rear lights are in and are awaiting a handful of new bulbs to be installed.
There is a power trunk lock mechanism installed to remotely open the trunk with keyless entry or from the passenger compartment.
I have recently sent a lot of parts out to be re-plated in Yellow Zinc Dichromate. One such part was the hose clamp which holds on the filler neck of the gas tank on the inside portion of the trunk.
New lower rocker sill trim was fitted to make sure it is ready to go. I still need the new gaskets which ride on the top edge of the stainless steel parts
More plated parts. These screws which hold the hood closer bar down are not available any more and have a unique self tapping type end on them. Also re-plated were the he screws and the L clips fastened to the fender, shown to the left of the hood closer bar clamps.
The BEHR heater box was rebuilt and new cork gaskets were installed to keep air flow at bay when needed.
Both doors have been rebuilt with either stainless or re-plated hardware. Rubberized truck bed liner was applied in the bottoms to keep water from rusting them out in the future.
The engine has been completely gone through and is being reassembled. The engine is being put back to original specifications and upgraded where necessary. All valve guides were replaced with newer style units from E30 M10 blocks and teflon valve seals installed. No more blue smoke on deceleration
On the intake side, their are 4 new injectors, an new old stock Kugelfisher fuel injection pump and the intake has been powder coated silver along with many other aluminum parts that are seen when opening the hood. All fasteners seen are either new or recycled by re-plating to ensure long life and no rust!
This stud which holds the water tube on the head was a pain. It broke off inside the head when I tried to remove it. I had to be drilled out and a fresh insert installed. The new stud is a 40 cent part but cost dearly to replace after this mess!
Another view of engine parts that have been reconditioned to provide long life once the car is back together again.  Yellow Zinc Dichromate is applied after the parts are bead blasted completely.
The front view of the engine showing the powder coated lower timing cover. The upper cover is awaiting it's application of powder which I forgot to send the first time. That is a new cam sprocket and chain, water pump and timing chain tensioner (only the end is sticking out in the photo). The engine block has two coats of POR-15 Engine paint applied to stop rust from coming back to it's cast iron surface.
This is a new stock Bosch AL40X alternator for the TII. The adjustment bracket, fan and pulley were all reconditioned using the plating process.
A look at the back side of the alternator. That dirty brown wire is a ground strap that I will be making new before it goes onto the engine.
A top view of the alternator.
This is a new starter.
This photo is shown for your reference in case you've not seen the terminal connections on the back before.
This box contains new matching door handles that came bundled with the new ignition switch so they all match. The gas cap is a NOS non locking model, the keys shown go to the locking gas cap I have on the car for now.
My reference model GOLF sunroof. This foam piece in the middle has to be cut from new foam and glued onto the new sunroof panels below. Note the missing grey corduroy type material from the right side. It's being applied to the panel going back into the car (seen below).
Glued down on one side. In an upcoming month's issue I will go into all the work I did while putting the sunroof back in.




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