June 2004: More Gory Details

Part 1: Front Strut Bearings Setup and Lubrication
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The front strut bearings are part of the car that always seem to survive, not matter how old the car. The problems that happen to them is either the rubber part or the ball bearing parts become dried out. 
There is a bushing, a washer and a lock nut that fits down over visible part of threaded end of the strut, as you view it from atop the fender.
For bearing assemblies on my car, I'm using Mobil 1 Synthetic Lubricating Grease.  I picked these up at a surplus store on my way to the local Auto Parts store. I think it was just an accident I found them there for .79 cents. My first tube I went through was at full retail was about $10.00, so I have a stockpile of this now!
So I found the best way was to hand pack the bearings. This lube is pretty thick so you can grab some with your hand and stuff it down through the bearing.
I found that a good dose could be applied to the washer that makes contact with the bearings. This way when pressure is applied to tighten the nut, it will keep a stash of the lube in contact with the ball bearings.
The washer is down on the bearing here. It will get messy of course...
Keep packing it in there...
Push the bushing/spacer down into the lubricant.
Install the second washer over the bushing..
Then install the Nyloc nut and begin tightening the
When it's finished, this how it looks. You should use your favorite rubber protecting spray you apply to your tires to the rubber outside portion. A silicone free type is very important for long life. You should also have two strut bearing covers - either black or gray half round covers to keep the grime from the grease.
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