August 2002 - Getting Ready For Paint

Had to hurry to get this beast primed. The humidity is so high that the car can rust pretty significantly
in the bad places in just a matter of days without any primer on it.
This gives you the idea of how the raw metal looks when the finish has been removed.  I can't wait to get
those bumper holes for the big bumpers plugged and ready for the Euro bumpers. They fit into the 2 smaller
holes to the right of them.
The floor pans turned out really well. There was no rust really found that was critical. The black factory
insulation material was left on the transmission tunnel and e-brake areas as they will be covered by more
layers of insulation once the metal has been primed with epoxy primer and sealed with a top coat.
Here the floor drains are visible after being glass beaded. The covers will be welded and sealed. The sand
can be seen piled up on the floor. This also helps in keeping the floors dry until you are ready to begin
treat and prime the metal itself.
On the floor of the prep room, waiting to be primed. You know that some of that factory undercoating will
not come off no matter what you throw at it... The risk you run with the glass beading is warping the metal.
I've pretty much decided to save these fenders as spares and use new ones since the holes are already plugged
for the running lights, which I'm leaving off this time.  The trunk and hood are ready to go now as is.




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