July 2006 - Road Trip!

The car now has over 4,00 miles on the odometer and is performing very well. On one stretch it reached 36mpg during a 100 miles of 70+mph crusing. It recently made a trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin to watch and participate in the Kohler International Challenge with Brian Redman
When I say participate, Bo Black and I put our cars in the Concours event for Road Cars.  My car is still not complete but together our cars created a lot of activity and interest since they were 2 of only 5 '02s there, and the only ones in the Saturday night Concours. Bo's car won it's category so we were all elated to come away with an award when there were 100's of class automobiles in the show itself.
On Friday night, Elkhart Lake holds a Race Car parade and concours. To our surprise, and the "wow" of the crowd, a Porsche 917K drove by for the crowd!
There are several hundred photos of the event.
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