December 2000 - Finding the Car

This is how the car was found on December 23, 2000 in an old warehouse.
Little did I know at the time - this was exactly 26 years from the original date of purchase!
 Somebody painted the bumpers to match the body. Dust was incredible - but protected the paint.
 Asthma sufferers... beware... mold count high - the steering wheel was quite a science project.
 Dash has one small crack, but looks and works just fine. There is as strange antenna mount in front of the sunroof.
 Leaves, dirt, oil and generally bad stuff. But everything was still original, or adapted to the original parts in some way.
 There was some rust in the shock towers, but looks repairable without having to cut everything out.
 There was some rust in the shock towers, but looks repairable. The gas tank area was in good shape, no rust. 



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