November 2002 - The last structural changes

All the steel for the front end has arrived. The good news was that everything fits together exactly with one exception... The front core support did require some modifications to the side facing the radiator as the steel left from the big bumper shock supports protrudes into the core support. The replacement euro style front that is now the only part available does not compensate for that. If you're getting the parts from BMW that they fit like they did at the factory and they're made very well.  The prices just seem to go up and up on this stuff. I swear everything has risen at least 50 percent since I first started looking into this!
Front view shows how the bumper holes on the new tub are only for Euro bumpers... what's so bad about that?  Compare to the before shot from below...


The primer gray is where the seam sealer has been applied and filled in so that water cannot creep under the attached body appendages to the engine compartment.
The spot welds have been applied to the new core support on both sides and there is still some sanding and smoothing to do to make it perfect before painting.
Here is a view that shows the holes cut out for the 72 style bumper bracket mounts. This view is looking down over the right headlight bucket.
Side view of the front - a far cry from this pic from June shot above.
To snorkel or not to snorkel, that is the TII question... OK! NO SNORKEL.  It's not fun taking this thing out because of the spot welds. The trick is to use some of the right steel from the left over core support to make it right.
Above you see a section cut from the old core support. This will be used to fashion a correct steel patch over the snorkel hole. More pics to come soon on the final result.
The right fender new from the factory. It's already got the reflector holes taken out and no lower trim holes, so not much work needed here. It's important to fill up some areas that hold water here. That's to be covered next month (thanks to Mike McCartney on that one!!)
Driver side fender well. See the second bolt holes for the 72 style bumper brackets.
View looking up at the right shock tower. Seam sealer and silicon prevents water from entering here and rusting things up.
Another view looking forward at the front core support.
OK, I finally found my perfect steering wheel. A 35cm original sport steering wheel... plucked from another 2002 in Germany no less. These were rare as hen's teeth in the USA back in the days... and the supply of them is being scarfed up fast. When they're gone, they're gone for sure.



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