The TII Electronic Fuel Pump Installation

A few years back I struggled putting this little beast in after changing over to a new pump. I should know this one by heart. Well my memory is fading so I do need the shop manual by my elbow when I go after this area.  To recap- this is a rebuilt pump, new fuel canister/mounting bracket and a rust proof mounting bracket installed above the right rear half shaft of the axle.


Supply line from pump to canister installed.
A word here about Fuel Injection line clamps. These are GEMI, made in Germany. The are specifically for high pressure fuel lines. They are not available at your local BMW dealer unless they are into the older cars. I found these at a Mercedes Benz independent shop. You may find some in your town if they work on the old cars again. These clamps are about $1 each. The best part is the are rolled up on the edge like water hose clamps from BMW - they don't bite into the hoses.
Important parts in your trunk's right hand side.  Left to right - Pump wiring harness (2 wires), 12x18mm main fuel supply line and the 8mm Return/Recirc fuel line.  It's important to note these hoses over time have grown in size and are difficult to get into the original holes, most notably the 12x18 supply line. Make sure and lube the hose up with some Silicon type spray.  I used a helper to push while I pulled the hose through the hole shown while under the car. It's also much easier if the tank is out when you do this.
Moving on, under the car. The line shown below is the larger 12x18 line.
The original routing of this line left something to be desired, so I have modified mine to take this nice right turn using rubber lined Wurth Hose clamps, secured to the body with a black zinc coated self tapping screw. The original BMW OEM Fuel Line grommets are there to isolate the rubber line from the body so it doesn't rub a hole in the line later down the road.
The wiring harness has been covered with heat shrink to keep it away from the elements.
The line has a plug that only goes in one way to the pump. You will note I have the half shaft off to do this which is a luxury you don't have if you're working on a running car.
Now you see both the wiring harness left, and the tank. This view is from the ground looking up at the right rear half shaft area.
To the drivers side, the fuel line goes up and over the differential to the body. I tucked this one away from harm using the Wurth hose clamps again.
Finally in this area, the hose meets up with the hard steel line which is adjacent to the left rear wheel well. Add on another hose clamp here.
This page will cover the front engine compartment in the next update.



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