July 2002: O'fest travelers hit Kansas City

Mike Self brought his eastern based travelers for an overnight stay.
This group landed on July 11th around 7PM after leaving Dayton, OH. Some were from as far away as Vermont, New York and Maryland. Mike Self, 2002 author of the Roundel is in the turquoise shirt on the far right. There was by my count 10 02s an M3, 635csi and a E36 325i.
We all lined up and headed out to eat BBQ. 27 people showed up including a great deal of KC 2002s.
Saturday morning, Mike Self talked with the owners about their cars. Here, Steve Good of KC gets opinion on brake boosters, ground straps and relays on his 73 2002.
Mike's car that he writes about in the Roundel.
Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel.
A great line up of 02's in the Cracker Barrel parking lot. We had a lot of questions from bystanders.
You've seen the story about this car, which took a bad hit from a Ranger pickup truck. O'fest or Bust!!!

Bill Venable of KC has a full restoration 1953 R 63 motorcycle
The line-up heads for I-70.



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