September 2004: Engine Assembly - Installing the head

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Well, my weekends started to free up in September and Steve Good came over to help me with the engine for a day. It was time to install the head and timing chain so we could move forward and prepare the engine to be installed in the car.

Below is the famous "cutting ring" or "motorsport" head gasket for the M10 block. It has metal rings which actually cut into the head surface for a tight seal when using high compression pistons. My engine has the stock 9.3:1 compression pistons but is a tii engine, so it was a stock part. These cost upwards of $75 or more and don't come in the stock gasket set for a 2002 engine rebuild. They are readily available as of this date.

1) Make sure pistons are located as shown below, in Top Dead Center (TDC) position.

2) Next, make sure the camshaft is also on the TDC mark. The front of the cam has a
3) Make sure and line up the head properly so that the exhaust is on the passenger side of the block as shown.
Just for grins... here's the before shot of how the head came off the block!
Last... The dowel pins installed in the block surface make sure the head fits right and flush with the surface of the block.  The oil tube goes on top of this, and the new head bolts.

Note that I won't argue the part about re-using head bolts that originally stretch when installed, but it's silly when they cost little for a new set. Make sure and save the hardened washers underneath the bolts as they can be reused. They are special to this setup and are required for proper torque.

Last, I would defer you to the shop manual or Haynes book for proper torque sequence. This is also located in the original owners manual... Make sure you have a good torque wrench to do it with!
We stopped taking pictures and started working on other parts of the car in progress. I was short 3 c-clips for holding the timing chain guide on so I stopped. I took these pics later on in the day. We were both anxious to see how the powder coated engine parts would look on the engine. Spectacular!
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