Keyless Entry, Alarm & Trunk Opener Installation

The following upgrade was based on an inspiration provided by Curt Ingraham back in 2001 when I first looked at his '72 2002tii. Curt was using keyless entry on his car - what caught my eye was a blinking door lock alarm light near his lock button on the top of the door. He assured me this was easy, and provided a way to both secure the car and make it more convenient. It was also easy to put together your own system from basic parts you could buy from EBay if you so desired.  After doing the electronic trunk opener, I found two other owners had already followed suit with their cars, so I believe these pages will be of some value to any 2002 owner with a daily driver or a garage queen.
I don't claim to be an expert on Car Alarms, but I did read up on what they do and how they work. This unit was purchased about 2 years ago when I started acquiring parts. The brand Crime Stopper is available from several sellers on Ebay in the USA. I'm not endorsing this particular brand, I'm merely trying to point you in the general direction and let you decide what brand/features work best for your application.

The above picture is what I would call a BASIC setup for the alarm only.

In this photo, I have secured the components to a small piece of vinyl clad masonite with clear hot glue. This way I had a master panel to go to, rather than a bunch of strung out components and wire all over the car.  I first began by creating this setup and then used small alligator clips and wires to test out each circuit to make sure it worked before I finally wired it. A big bag of colored alligator clips comes in handy for the alarm/entry and the car stereo setup which I am building in another article.


1 - Basic microprocessor controlled alarm/feature module with inputs/outputs
2 - Motion / jar sensor with adjustment sensitivity control (red)
3 - Radio Shack 12 pin distribution block for input/output/features
4 - Radio Shack 8 pin distribution block for common +12V / ground
5 - Remote control antenna for connection with key fob controllers
6 - Fuses for 12V side of the Alarm/Feature module


Pictured above is how I used this setup. BASIC plus other features for alarm and keyless entry by the  addition of:

7 - Door lock open/close relays

These units have other features like trunk opener which requires a relay and dome light control which I will be adding later on in this article. Both units require relays also.

On the door side, the following photo will help you better visualize how the door lock actuators are installed in the doors of your 2002.

8 - Generic, aftermarket door lock actuators (note the two screws for mounting)
9 - Actuator rod modified for the 2002 door lock button/rod
10 - Actuator open (Green wire) and close (Blue wire) circuit connectors

The actuators must be installed in both doors and precisely adjusted for travel to ensure the doors will open and shut properly.  A common wiring harness must then be weather proofed and installed in each door to connect to the actuators.

IN THE NEXT UPDATE - We will connect everything up and test it.



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