December 2001 - State Of The 2002 Address

Well it's been a year since I started... so what's the holdup?

work, woRK, WORK. To much seasonal work load in November and December makes it hard to get things going even in the evenings. However, logistically, I'm laying things out. I have the paint selected for Stella and we're just about ready to start media blasting down to the bare steel on the donor car.
   Next Steps:
  1. Finish stripping the car (glass, interior, engine bay)
  2. Take to media blaster, strip everything to bare steel
  3. Etch primer, prep work, fill in a few holes, add some new ones for '73 style wrap around bumpers
  4. Undercarriage strip, protect (truck bed liner), paint
  5. Re-spray entire car (new 3 part metallic red, pearl, clear coats)
  6. Redo undercarriage areas... suspension components epoxy or powder coating, gold chromate plating of fasteners.
  7. Add new Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs
  8. Add vented rotors, CS coupe series calipers, stainless steel brake lines.
  9. Re-install engine, 5 speed transmission, LSD
  10. Completely redo seats, carpet door panels, head liner, heater box.
  11. Re-chrome bumpers, add new exterior chrome and trim
  12. New seals
  13. Complete the stereo system upgrade
  14. Drive forever.
   I'm sure there is more than this...

Steve Good and I bought a huge parts stash in December. The young man who owned all this was stock piling it for his personal use and had by his account about 4-5 cars parted. Getting married and starting a new business changed all that so... We were lucky enough to find him! Now we have to convince our wives that we can use it all...

Part of the deal was a disassembled Artisblau 74tii rolling shell without sunroof.  It's in really good shape, just needs some TLC. This tub is better than my current car when I started for sure. There were also 2 other round tail light tubs. It's so much stuff we're still inventorying what we have.

Lots of little stuff...

Lots of stuff in boxes that has been categorized. This is only about one fifth of everything. There are engines, trannys, seats, and other tubs... whew!
The rear view... both of these cars were loaded with parts. We took whole pickup truck bed load of parts the first visit. We'll be hauling things back over the next couple of months.
Christmas Saturday get together for breakfast, new member! (Polaris w/rack) belongs to
Back by popular demand... Dave's Mintgrun 76 car!
The interior and color of this car gets more emails than anything else on my site it seems.
These door panels were completely redone at a local upholstery shop. The door seals aren't in yet, as you can tell.
This is a nice close-up where the door handle was individually wrapped and sewn, which I think I'll do on my car.
The seats are Recaros, redone to match. It's a special vinyl that has a suede type finish to it - not slick, holds you in the seat and feels close to leather.
You Mintgrun 02 owners are always looking for the right shade to repaint your car, so while I had the chance, I took these pictures. Here's the original color under the trunk lid and here's the repaint.
This is the first time Dave's had the car at breakfast. It's been covered since July when he want to driving school with it. It's still missing trim and seals for the most part, but he's a busy guy too!



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