May 2001 - Fixing Small Problems One by One

Upgrading my 27 year old Missouri tii with California Parts

I must be really insane. A weekend run to the Bay area to pickup parts? The full story can now be told!

Prize: Recaro Seats, Steering Wheel and various body/interior stuff.
I had these frequent flyer miles on Southwest my *wonderful* sister gave to me with a early expiration date - use 'em or lose 'em. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out a way to pick up some E21 Recaros I wanted. Then I thought - what about tossing them on the plane and bringing them back air freight? Hell I've seen just about anything come off a baggage claim conveyer belt - why not this? 

After landing in Oakland, California I grabbed my Hertz rental vehicle and headed off to see Sherman Martinez. About 30 minutes later, I arrived at Sherman's. Here I found two cars to die for: his 1972 3.0 CSi daily driver and his 74 tii Lux restoration project. He had other 2002s there also.  Other owners stopped by.

Sherman showed me around the place. I was quite amazed by his 74tii which looked to be light years away from mine... it was better than new! Look at the Kugelfisher!

Purchased the parts from Sherman. Got everything into a rental car. In the middle of the night, found a 24hr Kmart. Inside the night stockers were taking things out of cardboard boxes - perfect! So I bought a tape measure, some silver duct tape and walked out with 4 large cardboard boxes.

I proceeded to build some custom shipping containers with the cardboard boxes cut into sheets. About 9am, took it to the Oakland Airport and checked it onto Southwest Airlines flight back to KC. In case you want to do it, SW's rules are no more than 70lbs and nothing over 70 inches. 

In reality, it was a simple lesson on how to use some frequent flyer miles to avoid the high shipping charges by putting your Recaros on a Boeing 737 and flying them home with you. Instant gratification.

For the final result, see the how-to article on the Recaros.



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