E21/320i Recaro Seat Upgrade

BEFORE... My original seats had already sent all their original padding to the floor. The sheepskin kept your butt off the steel springs under the vinyl.
10mm socket... Move the seats all the way back and take out the two bolts. Move the seats all the way to the front and remove the front two bolts.
NEXT... You should have the two seat brackets ready to go. Lubricate as necessary while you have the seats out. The new seat bolts right onto these.
E21 Seat Brackets... It makes sense to take the seats apart at the hinges. Remove the ends and the 4 hex bolts in the sides of the seats.... THEN, take these E21 seat brackets off. The 4 bolts are hex and come out easily. Save them, and reinstall them to the 4 holes in the 2 seat tracks in the car. Before you put the bottoms in, make sure the webbing  on the bottom are tight and straight. If yours are shot, buy the replacement kit from Aardvarc Racing.
AFTER... This comparison should help explain the visual difference.
LAWN CHAIRS?... If you need these seats, contact me at the address below.
HARD AT WORK... Open all the doors and put the car in the shade!



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