August 2004 - Sunroof Work - Drain Tube Installation

Last month I covered running the tubes through the body to their new locations. I have not made enough progress to begin installing the tracks for the sunroof yet, but plan to in October. What I did do follows.

At a local get together, a conversation with another owner recently about his relocated drain tubes was some what disconcerting. He stated he accomplished the same procedure I did, but he ran the tubes down into the fender well a couple of inches and left them there. Nobody sits in his back seat ever... until recently.  On a long trip with 4 passengers in the car, he starts to smell something burning. They all get out and look but find nothing. Later investigation at home in the garage, he finds that the tubes were rubbing on top of the tires and burning down... This month, I installed the rear drain tubes into the fender wells with a basic plumbers fitting to finish the install to prevent the rubbing problem mentioned... once and for all, I hope.
I measured the hole and tube diameters. At a local hardware store, I found that these two parts would fit. I suggest that if you go this route, measure accordingly. I don't know that my hole is anything special, but I would recommend you use commonly available sizes of materials. Mine is 1/2" ID reinforced tubing. The outside 5/8" hole had to be reamed to make sure the fitting below with the threads fit through.
These parts are about $2.00 with the most expensive being the threaded adapter on the right. You need two of each to do the job.
First, rustproof and undercoat around the hole to ensure that nothing gets back inside the car in the future.
Next, press the fitting through the hole. Cut the tubing to the length so that the run is nice and smooth so everything empties out onto the ground as I have shown here.
Finally, thread the outer fitting on nice and tight. If you chose a surface that's not flush, you might want to add some silicone caulk just in case.  This section is now done and complete. I have not yet decided how to approach the front drains yet.

It's important to note that originally, I wanted a black fitting, but none were available. However, when I installed this I found out the color made it easy to see if there would be any foreign objects clogging it in the future... so it's a feature !!



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