Stan Harris' 1974 2002tii - Right Hand Drive Model

Stan lives in Scotland and has been a BMW fan for some time. His 2002tii is his fun car to drive when the weather is good. These photos were taken in January, when the weather has subsided enough to give the car a washing.  Stan says that in Scotland, fuel runs upwards of $8.50 per gallon which has taxes loaded into it for sure!  This right hand drive model is something we USA drivers don't see often, and his car is in such great shape I felt we deserve to give it proper display.  Thanks Stan!
Right hand drive cars pedal arrangements are different and don't use a pedal box, they come from the top down instead of the normal arrangement. This view shows the UK style 140mph speedometer.
This car features the velour/corduroy type seat combo instead of all vinyl like USA versions.
The engine compartment is somewhat different to make room for the steering column on the right. There is only two relays above the battery. The booster is located different from USA cars, although not shown in these photos.
Stan notes that the wipers wipe in a different direction to accommodate the driver on the right also.
The Malaga paint shows very well and the wheels look great. A nice shot of the rear quarter for the Euro bumper fans out there wanting to convert their cars.
A very well preserved 30 year old car. Thanks for all the great photos Stan!



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