Your 2002tii - Sherman Martinez '74 2002tii

Sherman's car is located in Vacaville California.

Sherman has a pristine 1974tii Lux that he is building into what will be essentially a brand new car when finished. It has more rare parts in one car than I have ever seen before. Can you spot them here? Sherman's signature on the car: cadmium-plating and powder coating. The parts you see here with sort of a gold look are parts that he has taken off to be re-plated for that new car look. Notice the hood release bar and the washer spray nozzles, the Kugelfisher linkages and the hose clamps. The car is still under construction at Sherman's shop.
Ronal wheels, slotted rotors.
Everyone's dream suspension and exhaust. Sherman tells me this is call HPC/High Performance Coating. The tii trailing arms have been powder coated gloss black. Many parts are cad plated. The rear shocks are the rare Alpina models that are lower than the stock tii rears. Turbo springs and the OEM Eberspacher tii muffler are visible.



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