Finding The Correct Radio

As I understand it, in the US, radios were a dealer installed option. I have no idea what mine had originally, I just knew that the Pioneer AM/FM cassette that was in mine would look better in blue 80's Camaro. I decided to find a Bimmer radio that matched the car.

Not long after I bought the car I came across an original radio that was new. So far, it is the rare find of new things for the car. 

It's a Blaupunkt Bavaria. It has AM, FM and Short wave. One other frequency is for a German radio band I believe to be unavailable in the US.  While I had loan of a Fuji S1 digital camera, I've taken some photos of it, just in case you find one yourself.

NEW: Here's a diagram of the Blaupunkt Bavaria faceplate if you need to cut a hole in your dash or custom console to fit this type of radio.

Front view. Short Wave (L), AM (M), German (K), FM (U).
Top view. Note how short this is compared to modern radios.
This is what they look like on the right hand side.  This view shows the mounting stub on the back, the fuzzy black thing.
Back view showing the connectors. Supports electronic antenna, but I probably won't use one. Just not enough trunk space. The standard radio antenna mounts on the driver's side windshield pillar.






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