Installing an Intermittent Wiper Upgrade

My 1974 had good working wipers. But when it rains, you really go crazy turning it off and on when it's just a drizzle. Starting in 1975, BMW began installing this basic upgrade in 2002s. The 75 and 76's are the cars that you need the parts from to make it all work. Find a donor car or visit the junkyard. These are prized items!

For several months, I read about this upgrade but never have seen it documented. This effort is for my 1974tii which has the turn signals on the left. If you have a pre-74 car, it can be done but there is some more work in the area of the wiring harness I'm told. 

Using used factory parts, you too can do this upgrade to your car in about an hour and a half counting clean up. All cars are not created equal - yours can be different. Make sure you start this upgrade with a friend. Upgrade at your own risk!


1) 4 position wiper stalk, part #1-357-913 
2) Correct relay with intermittent functions, Part # 1-353-892 (HELLA Wisch-Wasch-Intervall)
3) Half dozen large cable ties
4) Socket Wrench set, wire cutters, both types of screwdrivers
5) Sunny day
6) about 1.5 hours for tasks and the cleanup

 Doing it as though the factory intended it to be
For my car, it was a simple install if you have the right parts to do it. You start by taking off the steering wheel and steering column cover. Then remove the under dash black cardboard that hides the wiring harness under the steering column.
Remove the two screws holding the wiper stalk on the steering column. Then carefully remove the horn contact which is the brass ring with the wire connected to it. Cut the three cable wraps located around the steering column. You'll need at least 3 new large cable ties to put everything back nice and neat.
They look the same, but they have different part numbers. The older 3 position stalk is #1-357-011. The new 4 position stalk is # 1-357-913. The right unit should click four times - Off, Intermittent, Slow, Fast. 
Carefully remove the brass horn contact from yellow/red striped wire connected to it. Reach under the dash and disconnect the wiper stalk from the wiring harness plug in on the right of the steering column.
Install the new 4 position stalk. Replace the horn contact wire. Plug the new assembly into the wiring harness to the right of the steering column. Secure the wiring around the steering column with the wire ties.
Push this switch in before you put the steering wheel on. This part of the turn signal stalk shuts off the signal after you turn left or right. 
Put the four long screws back in to the steering column cover and you're in business. Don't forget to push the turn signal cut off switch in so that it's hidden.
Using a 22mm socket, secure the steering wheel back on the car. Connect the horn button and you're set for top side. Now to the relay - you're half way done.
 Comparing the relays... and installing the new WISCH-WASCH INTERVAL STEUERGERAT.
You can tell right away that the new unit has 1 additional wiring plug in. It was not used by the original setup even though the factory pre wired it for supporting this. When this relay was available new it was over $80, so be careful!
With the cover removed, you can see two relays. Hell, you can see the original paint color too! This is to the left of the steering column.
Carefully slide out the old relay and unplug the wires. Install the new relay in it's place. It's now time for the test - mine worked the first time!



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