Simple Things Make Your Car Much Better

There are many little things you can do that make your car seem better.
The best news is that these things don't cost a lot.  
NOTE: If you need used parts like these, I've used  Rob Torres at 2002haus, Dave Varco
or Sherman Martinez. If they're new parts, try Maximillian Importing.
The TII air box was restored by sandblasting the old one and repainting it with 
some Krylon "hammerite" paint. This stuff looks like an old gray toolbox - $8.00
For less than $10, you can put on a new fuse box cover under the trunk.
(I know I have the wrong kind of fuses in 1-4 and 7, I'm working on it!) 
For less than $20 each, you can get new Hella License Plate lights. Mine were waterlogged. 
You can make your night time driving easier with some H4s. These are Bosch, $90/set. 
Find a better wheel from a 320i. These are usually anywhere from $40-$150,
depending on which one you want and the quality you want. Older 320is version shown. 
Never replace points again - buy a Pertronix ($50) or Crane Fireball (shown) $120 
Creature comforts! Buy some 320is Recaro seats. Prices can go from $100-700 depending
on condition and model. These are vinyl from early 320is, and have the hard-to-find
BMW factory Roundel imprint on them (see below for close-up). Impressive at a
burger stand drive through! If you haven't sat in these baby's, you don't know what
a real corner feels like in your car... it's like a whole different car on the road!!!



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