Recaro Conversion - Another Look

While doing a conversion to Recaro seats on my son Nick's car, I noticed that are differences in the
seat brackets that hold them into the cars. This particular E21 he took the seats out of had the seat
belt lock built into the brackets. Here is another look at what was needed to complete the job.
 Above: The original seats still had padding but the back mechanisms were shot.
 Above: The new seats were black velour, so we had them replaced with Blue velour to match.
 Above: The webbing was shot, so we had the upholstery shop put new rubber web straps
                to keep our rear ends off the floor. What  a difference this makes and it's cheeeep.
 Above: Strip your brackets down to the bare mounting rails and bolt them to the 2002 brackets.
 Above: I think the two-tone Black and Blue looks nice.  I still think we need more padding on the
                underneath side of the seats to make them more comfortable. As the interior is done on
                Stella we'll revisit that idea.



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