April 2006: Stella's Engine Starting Party

We video taped the actual 2002tii engine starting for the first time.

Click here to view a highlight movie of the first start-up of the engine (6mb) in Quicktime format
Special Thanks to Adam Murray for the video production.

On April 02, 2006 we decided it was time to start the car. Most of the people who have been with me since the start of this project were there.  Of course, since we live in the BBQ capital of the world (Kansas City) we started the day off right with some Gates BBQ - specifically the RIBS! And then some Spaten beer from Munich, the home of BMW after we were successful.
We let our beer and bbq digest a bit, and then went for it!
There were a few last minute wiring connections to test.  Thanks to Bob Murphy, I have the master 74tii wiring diagram. Of course I was missing a connection or two, but after all this rebuilding it was to be expected.

When it first turned over there was a loud buzzing. We shut the engine off, removed the fan belt and turned it over. The sound stopped. We eventually narrowed it down - it turned out to be 1/8" of plastic too much on about 3 fan blades of the new cooling fan.  Brady got out the Dremel, measured and began tweaking the fan to create clearance.  Once that was done, all connected, we tried again. VICTORY! It purred like a kitty.

When all was over, we felt very good about the engine, and how far we had come. It sounded great, was very smooth, and is just a few days away from being able to move under it's own power. We only missed out on having Rob Torres there, who built the short block on site in 2004 and sold me all the parts to put the engine back.  He was with us in spirit though, and we are very thankful to have him as part of our team for sure.

A toast to some great success!

... The Next Day... the glass was ready to be installed. The rear window went in first, which was an original with a working rear window defroster.
The installer lubricated up the seals and inserted a small rope into the groove which faces the body opening.
The longest time is the chrome locking strip. I soaked them in hot water for 40 minutes prior to installation. He used lots of silicon spray into the groove.
Patience is key to making it look correctly.
Next we did the same with the front window, which is new. The glass is more fragile so you have to really take it easy and not pound too hard.
The hook tool is shown here on the front passenger corner of the windshield.
And finally all completed.
The radio has been installed and has been thoroughly tested to everyone's enjoyment.  Speakers for the front are still waiting to be installed, however the rears are done. I will cover more of this in a later update.
An E30 M3 mirror was adapted to the car. You have to run wiring connections for the mirror, which can be adapted from the wires leading to the dome light.
When it is turned on, you get map lights that are for driver or passenger.
I installed this original, new old stock Hirschmann antenna. My car's location was originally the passenger side for the antenna.
So when I stand back now, I'm amazed. It's really a car without a hood now!



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